Math or Science themed, Moderate Intensity Activity Sheets

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Kindergarten to Grade 3


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Students have a card with a number on it, move around and exchange cards. When cued, students match their number with a number posted in the room and complete the associated activity.

The teacher calls out an action and one student rolls the dice. Students perform the number of repetitions on the dice.

Students jump to reach as high as they can on different measuring tapes in the classroom.

Teacher holds up a card with a bug on it. Students act like the bug.

Mirror the Compass Leader

One student stands at each wall. Students follow the north leaders action before moving onto east and so on.

General Exercise Adaptations

  • If an activity heavily requires the use of legs, students may choose to do just the upper body movements and/or upper body modifications
  • Encourage students to go at their own pace and take frequent breaks
  • For students with special education needs, exercises should be adapted in accordance with accommodations / modifications outlines in their Individual Education Plans


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