History or Language themed, Moderate Intensity Activity Sheets

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Kindergarten to Grade 3


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Students match pictures of objects to the corresponding color while walking around the room.

Student walk in the shape of letters.

Teacher reads poem aloud while students do actions indicated in the poem.

Students are shown a word to spell. When a vowel is said, the class acts out the action associated with the letter.

Alphabet Tag: Give students a letter. Call out a word. If the word starts with their letter, they're it! Alphabet Soup: Student walk in the shape of letters.

Students stand in a circle. Student in the middle holds a ball and performs activity. Student then passes ball to the next student to perform activity. BINGO: Sing the song BINGO. Students complete the activities associated with each letter in BINGO.

General Exercise Adaptations

  • If an activity heavily requires the use of legs, students may choose to do just the upper body movements and/or upper body modifications
  • Encourage students to go at their own pace and take frequent breaks
  • For students with special education needs, exercises should be adapted in accordance with accommodations / modifications outlines in their Individual Education Plans


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